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Parents & Parents-To-Be: Before Baby

Information Booklet

Recommended Websites

Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit

Health Connection is a free confidential health information and advice service for residents and visitors to Simcoe County and the District of Muskoka. Available by phone, email, Facebook Twitter

The Website provides a range of health before pregnancy topics that me of interest tp women and their partners who are thinking of getting pregnant.

Prenatal classes are offered in Barrie, Bracebridge, Bradford, Collingwood, Cookstown, Huntsville, Midland and Orillia. 

Your health before you become pregnant and during your pregnancy is very important. Find links to information to help you learn how to give your baby the best start possible.


Research and counseling on reproductive risk or safety of drugs, chemicals and maternal disease in pregnancy.


OMama is a website and a mobile application (app) that connects women and families to trusted, evidence-informed healthy pregnancy, birth and early parenting information for Ontario, Canada.

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Best Start

Thinking About Pregnancy

Making decisions about pregnancy can be challenging. This website created by Health Nexus provides various resources which help you to make the  biggest decisions of having a baby. Some of the documents are provided by this website are linked below:

This reproductive life plan is for adults. It will help you to understand how to protect your ability to have children, think about when to have children and how to have the healthiest baby possible when you’re ready.

This brochure contains information specific to men and reproductive health. It includes information to increase a man’s chances of having a healthy baby, a checklist, a readiness questionnaire and references for further information.

This booklet is designed for women aged 35 or older who are pregnant or planning a pregnancy.

Are you Pregnant

Pregnancy and the birth of a child bring many changes.This information can help you or your partner to have a healthy pregnancy and to welcome a new life into your family

This booklet talks about strategies to help women about how to take care of their mental health before and during pregnancy.

This guide will serve as a useful tool for prenatal teaching on labor & birth support.

Best Start Resources: Aboriginal Parents

Information for Aboriginal Parents

This website created by Health Nexus can help you or your partner to have a healthy pregnancy and to learn more about child development and parenting. 

This prenatal book will help First Nations women to prepare for pregnancy, to have a healthy pregnancy and to welcome a new life into their family. It shares cultural knowledge from Elders, community members, and First Nations caregivers

This resource was developed to help service providers who work with First Nations families understand some of the traditional teachings, barriers to practice and challenges facing First Nations people.

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